Nanogel May Protect Cancer Kids From Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss in Kids: There is a new invention coming ahead to prevent children from hearing loss during their cancer treatment. Nanogel can prove effective in patients going for chemotherapy.

As per a report in this regard, almost 90% children are able to survive from cancer but during the course of treatment, they tend to suffer from permanent hearing loss. It happens due to the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs.

Since there is no proper treatment available to handle hearing loss due to the course of treatment of patients who undergo chemotherapy.

Nanogel is basically a bile-acid product which is injected into ears before chemotherapy is performed. The procedure may prevent hearing loss in them.


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Nanogel Efficiency to Prevent Hearing Loss

According to the present situation, there is currently no treatment available for the loss occurred during treatment of patients who have to undergo chemotherapy.

As per the new research, scientists have come up with nanogel which may prove effective in getting rid of this problem during the course of their treatment for other diseases.

Nanogel is a bile acid based product designed and developed by a group of scientists at Curtin including synthetic chemists, cochlea physiologists, ENT surgeons, pharmaceutical scientists, and other clinicians.

Thy have developed the product using the bile extract. In the procedure, human bile extract is used to make it thick and take the shape of a gel. Now, this gel is capable of injecting into the ears.

This technique can help children to protect from the side effects of procedures like chemotherapy which mainly targets and destroys cancer tissues.

But the problem is that during the course of their reaction, they also kill healthy body tissues resulting into issues like hearing loss.

This is what Ms Bellekom said, “The Telethon grant will allow Ear Science to further develop an established and proven nano-gel, improving efficacy and making it safer for use in our children,” she stated.


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