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New Wave of COVID-19, Measles Outbreak Stretch Fragile Afghan Health System

New Wave of COVID-19: As per the latest health news from Islamabad, the new wave of COVID-19 along with the fresh cases of measles have compounded the overall risk of health emergencies in Afghanistan.

Due to the presence of the already fragile health system in the country, the spike in new COVID-19 infections may become responsible for the risk of health of people living in the country.

As per The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the country requires some urgent healthcare support including vaccinations, health and testing services are needed.

All the above amenities are need to slow down the spread of coronavirus across Afghanistan region.

This is what the statement added, “A new wave is hitting Afghanistan hard. Testing is inadequate, and the World Health Organization reports that almost half of tested samples are coming back positive, indicating an alarming spread of the virus,” it said.


New Wave of COVID-19, Measles Outbreak Stretch Fragile Afghan Health System

Mawlawi Mutiul Haq Khales, who’s the head of Afghan Red Crescent stated that there should be a need for authorities to increase the number of functional health facilities in the country. If it’s done, it will ease the ever mounting pressure on hospitals.



“As the number of COVID-19 infections increases from cities to remote corners of the country, the international community needs to open up the doors to support critical health care, testing and other essential services before it’s too late for the people of Afghanistan,” Khales said.

The data provided by the UN World Food Program has estimated that around 23 million people that amounts to almost 55% population of the country are in a danger to suffer from severe hunger.

In addition to this, over 9 million of them are just a step away from famine. Along with that over 3 million children are currently suffering from the problem of severe malnutrition.

“The measles outbreak is alarming since Afghanistan is in the middle of one of the worst droughts and food crises in decades, leaving children malnourished and far more vulnerable to the highly contagious disease,” said Necephor Mghendi, IFRC’s country head.


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