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Omicron BA2 Variant, A More Contagious Viral Strain Spreading In the US

Omicron BA2 Variant, A More Contagious Viral Strain Spreading In the US

Omicron BA2 Variant: In the last few weeks, the US has witnessed a steep decline in the number of coronavirus cases. On the other hand experts continue to take a close look at more contagious form of virus known as Omicron BA2 variant. 

If anything of that sort happens, the country would again foil its hope to maintain normalcy.

The latest virus strain which has been found more contagious than earlier strains has been named BA2. It’s nothing but the highly contagious form of omicron variant having the power to spread even more rapidly.

Since BA2 has already devastated some counties like South Africa and Denmark causing second omicron surge, researches are making a close look at the spread of virus in the US.

This is what Nathan Grubaugh has to say, “A lot of us were assuming that it was going to quickly take off in the United States just like it was doing in Europe and become the new dominant variant,” he’s an associate professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health.


How Contagious is Omicron BA2 Variant?

So far, Omicron BA2 Variant has been spreading quite slowly in some countries like South Africa and Denmark. But the current fear is that it can spread rapidly and accelerate its presence globally due to its highly contagious nature.

There are some expects who believe that BA2 won’t be able to surge because of the immunity among hundreds of people already.

This is what one of the experts said, “The most likely thing that’s going to happen is that it might extend our tail, meaning it might slow down the decrease in cases. But it’s probably not going to lead to a new wave of cases,” he said.

The current situation is that Omicron is affecting over 1 lakh people and killing over 2,000 people on a daily basis. But now with the presence of contagious version of omicron BA2 variant, the number of affected people could grow more.

The recent research says that it would be difficult to treat patients with one of the remaining antibody treatments for COVID-19 against the spread of Omicron BA2 variant.


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