Omicron Coronavirus Wave Has Peaked In California: Data

Omicron Coronavirus: As per the data from the State of California, the state’s omicron coronavirus wave has already peaked to its maximum. With that, the infection rates and hospitalization are still on high.

Along with that the number of deaths have attained a record level with the virus remaining highly contagious.


Omicron Coronavirus Wave Has Peaked In California: Data

If you visit the The Los Angeles County public health information page, it will show you the seven day testing done.

The page shows a fall up to 20% in the testing rates and so, appears to go down by following a downward trajectory.

It’s the first time such a downward projection curve has been noticed after a peak happened in the 1st week of January.

As per The Los Angeles Times, the transmission rates continue to fall across the state which is of course a welcome sign amid the omicron coronavirus wave.

It was on Thursday when L.A. County reported up to 102 new causalities from coronavirus.

This is what it stated, “the highest number of deaths reported in a single day since March 10th, 2021.”. It further stressed that deaths and hospitalizations are highest among “Latinx” and black patients.


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