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Plant Medicine Plays A Major Role In Treating Dental Caries

Dental caries are not so easy to treat. Although, there are various methods or techniques to treat them, they sometimes look inefficient.

As per a new study conducted, the role of Anacardic Acids (AAs) in treating such dental issues have been detected.

Anacardic Acids (AAs) simply impact the growth of oral bacteria in the mouth. The new study has analyzed their biocompatibility with dental pulp stem cells as well.

The above study to treat dental caries was conducted by a team of researchers from University of Brasilia in Brasilia. The results were presented during am interactive talk presentation.

What’s the New Way to Manage Dental Caries?

In the original study conducted, researchers used two hemi-synthetic saturated AA-cashew compounds that were named LDT11 and LDT409.

Soon after giving the compound, thy tested the bacteriostatic activity on mutants like Veillonella parvula ATCC17745 and R9.

They further investigated the antimicrobial capacity against S. mutants and found that biocompatibility of both compounds managed to work. The findings of the above study was published in the journal International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

During the investigation, researchers found AA simply managed to inhibit the growth of S. mutants along with and V. parvula.

It was also found that LDT11 at 50 ug/mL clearly had bacteriostatic activity against both the mutants. It was also found to be biocompatible with HDPSCs managing to stimulate cells differentiation and proliferation.


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