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Post COVID-19, People Extend Their Gratitude By Saying Thank You Coronavirus Helpers!

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: The tragic COVID-19 wave that thrashed the entire New York had witnessed the loss of many lives.

It was a horrifying moment for all who lost the lives of their near and dear ones. But some gave a tough fight to the coronavirus and struggled to win the race.

Once again, the New Yorkers like to thank all front line health workers by extending their gratitude towards them. Earlier, people were seen expressing their triumph by saying ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’.

Well, if we look back for a while, we tend to witness hundreds of people who came forward to thank and greet health workers after they flocked to their windows and banged their pots.

During the time pandemic was there, there were many who just succumbed to crisis fatigue. As the time passed, all such whoops and hollers for frontline healthcare workers slowed down a bit.

It actually replaced with some huge noise of chatty pedestrians and honking cars for sometime. The interesting part is that after a gap of 18 months, there are citizens who don’t mind saluting their heroes even at this point of time.

All such gratitude continued for quite a long period of time. The impact of COVID-19 had been such that nobody could have taken a risk. But looking at these health workers, they constantly helped American citizens without any cause.

The biggest problem was that there was no approved vaccine to contain the virus. At that sensitive time, people could have well sensed the value of each and every human life.

Soon, the rituals continued in neighborhoods throughout the city that included some renditions of “God Bless America”. There were many comments came after citizens expressed their gratitude by saying thank you coronavirus helpers in their highest spirit.

Aleta LaFargue, an actor from Hell’s Kitchen said, “We’re not out of the storm, and people are still getting sick, so I think it’s really nice that there’s this gratitude and a reminder of what’s going on out there in the city and in the world.” she said.

In order to help citizens, renowned health experts started their own podcast to not only protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic but also to grab knowledge about engaging best practices to stay away from coronavirus infection.

Ask Gail Saltz, MD, who’s a renowned clinical professor of psychiatry started his podcast, ‘How Can I Help?’

This is what one citizen said, “If cheering helps you feel like you’re doing something positive in the face of a lot of helplessness in the pandemic, then yes, that’s healthy for your mind,” she says. “If cheering gives you a sense of gratitude for health care workers and other helpers, then that’s also healthy.”



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Source: WebMD


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