A Single Lesion Around Genitals- A Symptom of Monkeypox

symptom of monkeypox

As the problem of monkeypox is spreading globally, people need to take precautions to stay away from infection. While studying more on the issue, researchers have enlisted the most common symptom of monkeypox.

In a statement released, the UKSHA stated that symptom list has already been expanded to include the presence of a single lesion or lesions on genitals, anus or it can be surrounding area.

In the same way, they can also be present in the mouth.

As per the new list of symptom of monkeypox, it added rectal or anal pain with bleeding which is known as proctitis. It happens if the person has had a new sexual partner in the recent past.

As the symptoms can be easily managed even at home, people need to take adequate precautions. There are no deaths reported in the UK.

So far, people have come up with only a mild disease but it may result in significant illness at the later stage if it goes untreated.

Experts repeatedly advise people explaining monkeypox symptoms to stay at home and if they need any assistance, they should contact local sexual health advice.


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