Stem Cells Therapy Effective to Repair Spinal Cord Damage?

As per the latest health news, stem cells therapy has been found to respond to the CNS (Central Nervous System) during an injury in mice.

With the above results, scientists have encouraged to assume that if similar type of cells exist in humans, they could easily bring a new comprehensive approach treating various spinal cord and brain related injuries.

There is a chance that these cells can become the reason to help the body produce enough neurons so as to receive and send key signals for the swift movement of the body at the time of a spinal injury.

In most cases, it has been noticed that stem cells therapy help repair the overall damage by replacing cells that have already died.

There are various organs like the skin and intestine where you can find these stem cells active. However, there are some other instances where they are found lying waiting for any harm to occur before they are triggered into action mode.

The above study has been published in the journal Developmental Cell. In the study, researchers have found and analyzed the group of latent stem cells in the CNS of mice.

Stem Cells Therapy to Help Spinal-Cord Injuries

The latent stem cells were identified when the researchers used a fluorescence tool to precisely look for immune cells or dendritic cells in the brain.

They are basically a type of ependymal cells that the tool actually identified. They are known to arise from embryonic progenitor cells sharing the same protein as dendritic cells on their surface.

This is what the team of researchers have to say, “If we could find a way to overcome the barriers that are stopping the differentiation into neurons and oligodendrocytes after spinal cord injury, it could present a new avenue of therapies to treat spinal cord injuries.” they said.


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