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Study Reveals Inhaled Vaccines Offer Better COVID-19 Protection Than Nasal Sprays

COVID-19 Protection: The pandemic due to COVID-19 continued to invent more ways to stay abreast using all the latest technology.

When it comes to developing a safer vaccine or immunity against COVID-19, there is always a debate between inhaled vaccines or nasal sprays to work better against the spread of COVID-19.

In a recent study conducted in this regard, it has been revealed beyond doubt that inhaled aerosol vaccines work better and provide greater immunity against COVID-19 as compared to nasal sprays.


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In the debate, experts also feel that nasal sprays meant to provide immunity for COVID-19 protection tend to reach mainly through throat or nose.

On the other hand inhaled aerosols simply bypass your nasal passage and are known to deliver vaccine droplets deep in the airway

The study pointing the above published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, where experts used a vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) and tried to compare the delivery methods by successfully measuring the potency, immune responses and the distribution of droplets in animals.

It was later shown that when the vaccine was administered directly into the lungs, it came up with somewhat stronger immune responses and provided a far better protection from the disease.

Matthew Miller, who’s the co-author of the above study stated that all infection on and around the upper respiratory tract fall in the non-severe category. But the infections caused due to certain viruses like SARS-CoV-2 or influenza, it gets deep into the lungs which slowly makes the patient sick.

And so, the immune response against any such severe infection that you develop after the vaccine goes deep into the lungs is stronger as compared to when it gets accumulated in your nose and throat.

And this happens because of the nature and anatomy of your underlying body tissues and your immune cells that tend to respond differently.

The above study therefore gives strong reason for researchers a kind of preclinical evidence to mainly support the development of inhaled aerosol delivery as compared to the nasal spray. It works perfectly well for all the severe infections of influenza, COVID-19 and TB.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we witnessed in the recent past, over 6 million people died globally after getting affected with severe respiratory infections. And so, there is an urgent need to devise stronger and effective vaccines to work smartly.

As of now, a phase I clinical trial is currently under process to basically analyze the inhaled aerosol vaccine to patients who had earlier given some doses of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.




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