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Study Says Postpartum Depression Affects Dads

As per a study conducted, it has been found that men continue to encounter a number of mood swings after the birth of their child, but their condition is generally overlooked. And this is when the condition called postpartum depression comes in.

As per a team of researchers from Australia from Deakin University, they mined several Reddit posts and discovered that dads’ posting behaviors during the time of their child birth can lead to depression.

It’s related to father’s mental health perinatal period goes limited which is what found in the study published in the journal JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting.

This is what the team of researchers has to say, “It’s currently a major public health related issue which is not being addressed precisely.”

Well, the research in this area is also going limited and short. It’s because there are only a few researchers available who continue to struggle to find fathers having time to participate between their work schedule and new family commitments.


Postpartum Depression: Mental Health of New Fathers

After analyzing several posts Reddit’s fatherhood forums like r/PreDaddit and r/Daddit mainly to get a better understanding of what issues new dads have to face along with the kind of support they expect due to this.

It’s been noticed that dads frequently have to post related to their issues like paternal bonding and pregnancy announcements, but still, this somewhere relate to a number of fatherhood challenges including sleep, budgeting, and other struggles.

Teague (one of the researcher) says that most dads like to grab some sort of informational support. “Impact on social engagement is a key symptom of depression. That’s expressed online through fathers’ posting behaviors,” she says.




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