mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause Sudden Cardiac Deaths: Warns Expert, Calls For Its Withdrawal From Market

mRNA COVID Vaccines

A number of researches are already being conducted to know how COVID-19 vaccines behave on human body.

Now, as per the recent development in this regard, it has co

e to the fact that all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are responsible to cause sudden cardiac deaths.



As per the latest COVID News, a clinical scientist and researcher from Louisiana has stated that he has undergone a plethora of autopsy studies to find that all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can cause sudden cardiac deaths.

In other words, these vaccines are responsible to create a serious and adverse effect in people. Joseph Fraiman who hails from Louisiana posted a video to clarify his findings.

He was a lead author and a clinical researcher who himself re-analyzed Moderna and Pfizer trials for for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. In the video, he can be heard stating that all mRNA induced COVID-19 vaccines can prove a threat to people.

He also found out that such vaccines can pose a serious and adverse effect due to the administration of such vaccines at a rate of one in 800. Take a look at the video below:

Fraiman further stated that he has already conducted a plethora of autopsy studies according to which he has come to the conclusion that all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are currently inducing sudden cardiac deaths.

This is what he added, “I believe the mRNA vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market until new randomized control trials can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the serious harm we now know vaccines are causing.” he said.

What Are mRNA COVID Vaccines?

Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech basically falls under the Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine category. These vaccines work in such a way to trigger an immune response with an inactivated virus or germ.

In simpler terms, mRNA Covid vaccines mainly employee genetically engineered mRNA to instruct cells how to produce S Protein present on the surface of the COVID-19 virus.

How It Works?

After you get vaccinated with an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, it gets injected into your muscles. And due to this, your muscle cells start making S protein and even display them on the surface of cells.

And this is how antibodies against the virus are produced. It all happens that if you become infected with COVID-19 virus at a later stage, these antibodies tend to protect you and fight against the virus.


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2 American Tourists, Who Visited Taj Mahal, Test Positive For Covid

COVID positive

As per CMO ( Chief Medical Officer) of Agra, the samples of the attending group have already been taken except for two American citizens.

It all happened on January 10, when two American tourists who visited Taj Mahal in Agra tested Covid positive. It was confirmed by a senior health officer.

He further stated that samples of the entire group was taken except for these two American citizens.

This is what the senior medical officer told PTI, “They reached Agra on January 9 via Varanasi and stayed in a hotel in Agra and on January 10 visited Taj Mahal. Samples of the tourists were taken by the team of the health department of Agra at the east gate of the Taj Mahal,” he said.

He further said that the samples of tourists have already been sent for genome sequencing in Lucknow.

2 American Tourists, Who Visited Taj Mahal, Test Covid Positive

As per the latest Covid News, the senior health officer said that he has also alerted some other places like Jaipur (Rajasthan) where these tourists were about to schedule next. And so, he has put all health officials on alert.

This is what he clarified, “After Agra tourists have gone to Jaipur in Rajasthan and as the report came positive, we have alerted the health department of Jaipur and informed about the tourists,” he said.



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Covid Nasal Vaccine: How Covid Nasal Vaccine Works?

nasal vaccines

Ever since the Covid news from China reported that a new covid sub-variant BF 7 has disrupted the lives of millions, there has been a scare across the globe. Covid nasal vaccine is therefore being highly recommended to normalize the tensed situation.

It’s now believed that nasal vaccine can work far better as compared to Covishield and Covaxin. And so, the vaccine which is being made by the Bharat Biotech is being welcomed for those who are scared of getting an injection.

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, who’s India’s Union Health and Family Welfare Minister, has stated that Bharat Biotech Nasal Vaccine has been approved to work as a booster dose.

Because of this initiative taken by the government, Bharat Biotech’s intranasal Covid vaccine will be supplied to private players as well.

The above option will also be visible from now on the CoWIN portal from Friday evening.

This will be made available to mainly elderly people and small children who generally have to go through the fear of needles.


What are the benefits of the nasal vaccine?

Take a look below to find the benefits of a covid vaccine:

  • As it doesn’t require any needle, it is easy to apply
  • The absence of needle therefore prevents many other risks like infection or injury
  • It also doesn’t need a trained health worker


What Are the Side Effects of Nasal Vaccine?

You might be interested to know about the probable side effects of nasal vaccine. Find them below:

  • The clinical trial of phase 3 involved up to 3000 participants
  • People who were given 2 doses within 4 weeks found to have good immunity
  • A few side effects of this vaccine include headache, sneezing, running nose and fever
  • Serious allergic reactions were rarely seen in people


Who should not get the nasal vaccine?

The company advocates that following people should not be given the vaccine:

  • Those allergic to any of the ingredients of the vaccine
  • Had a serious allergic reaction after getting previous dose of vaccine
  • Those who had severe infection or fever


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COVID Induced Disruptions May Lead to the Return of Measles

In the last couple of years, we witnessed how COVID-19 paved way to several other diseases that were otherwise preventable like measles.

All that happened is due to the influence of some superbugs like coronavirus.

A superbug is basically a microorganism which doesn’t give many solutions when it comes to the treatment part.

And so, it is often found resistant to multiple classes of antifungals, antivirals, or antibiotics.


COVID Induced Disruptions May Lead to the Return of Measles

Superbugs are really dangerous as they leave no treatment options for doctors. It happens because such infections are quite difficult to treat which we all witnessed at the time f COVID-19 pandemic.

Another superbug which recently attacked was that of Monkeypox. Although, it recently attacked humans, it was always there existing in animals.

The core reason why there has been such a surge in the transmission of these viruses in humans is mainly due to several factors like declining immune systems, forest destruction, and migration of population.

Some other factors related to this include climate change effects and unhealthy eating patterns.

In the recent past, we also witnessed how most antibiotics have failed to pose their effects for which they are designed.

In other words, they have lost their resistance to ease infections. With the improvement in medical sciences there is an increase in the geriatric population.

Most of the time, we have seen that the elderly population is quite vulnerable as they have weaker defense systems. And this has led to the resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases like measles.

All the above factors listed are there to stimulate microorganisms to not only mutate but also make them more evasive, transmissible, and virulent.


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COVID-19 Linked With Worse Mental Health & Lower Life Satisfaction

long covid

As per a research conducted under a Lancet study, the symptoms of COVID-19 was linked with worse mental health and lower life satisfaction.

The researchers represent a team of scientists from University College London and King’s College London came to know that symptoms like lower life satisfaction, anxiety, depression, and psychological distress were linked with Covid-19.

It was also found that the association between poorer mental health and COVID-19 never over time after infection.


COVID-19 Linked With Worse Mental Health & Lower Life Satisfaction

It led to highlight the main enduring impacts of the disease and also the very need for a longer follow-up process from healthcare providers.

“This study brings together many of the UK’s longitudinal studies to provide a comprehensive overview of the impacts of COVID-19 infection on population mental health,” said senior study author and professor Praveetha Patalay from University College London, also an Osmania University graduate from Hyderabad.

According to the above study, the infection of COVID-19 is likely to impact mental health in most older age group people. For example, some people complained of self-reported infection who were in the bracket of 50 years or older.

It was then analyzed that older people are more likely to experience somewhat severe COVID-19 symptoms along with an increased risk of brain (neurological) changes or blood vessel (microvascular) changes.

This is what Dr Ellen Thompson from King’s College London has to say, “These findings suggest that there were prolonged mental health consequences of Covid-19 infection for some people at the beginning of this pandemic,” he said.


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