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Thirdhand Smoke Found to Trigger Skin Diseases

Thirdhand smoke basically means the smoke carrying some residual and harmful pollutants from tobacco smoke.

The nature of such pollutants is that it can remain surfaces and in dust after tobacco has been smoked.

Other than the above, it can also remain indefinitely on indoor surfaces. And so, it has the capacity to cause harmful exposure to both non-smokers and smokers.

Due to the alarming levels of harmful effects of Thirdhand smoke, researchers at the University of California, Riverside revealed that if your skin gets an acute exposure to such a smoke, it can elevate biomarkers associated with the initiation of skin diseases, such as contact dermatitis and psoriasis.

The above study was published in the journal eBioMedicine of The Lancet family of journals. The study is one of a kind which educates people to quit smoking.

This is what the team of researchers has to say, “We found acute THS exposure caused elevation of urinary biomarkers of oxidative damage to DNA, lipids, and proteins, and these biomarkers remained high after the exposure stopped,” said Sakamaki-Ching, now a research scientist at Kite Pharma in California, where he leads a stem cell team. “Cigarette smokers show the same elevation in these biomarkers. Our findings can help physicians in diagnosing patients exposed to THS and help develop regulatory policies dealing with remediation of indoor environments contaminated with THS.”

One of the researchers has to say that skin happens to be the largest organ to contact this. And so, it may receive the heaviest exposure.

The team of researchers included the names like Talbot and Sakamaki-Ching who joined the study originally initiated by Gabriela Grigorean of UC Davis, Suzaynn Schick of UC San Francisco, and Jun Li of UCR.

Further, the above study was also supported by Schick and grants to Talbot from the Tobacco Related Disease Research Program of California.


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