Tips to Manage Blood Sugar Or Diabetes During Christmas Festivities

As Christmas is near, you might have the desire to eat variety of food. But it should also be noted that you need to take care of your health, especially if you have the issue of high blood sugar or diabetes.

Patients with diabetes need to remain vigilant what they eat. As this is the time to celebrate Christmas, people sometimes ignore their health and enjoy with the Christmas festivities.

It’s of common occurrence that we often eat foods containing high sugar like pastries, cakes and more. And this is where it can harm our health. And so, this is the time when we need to take care of what we are going to eat so that it should not disrupt our health.

Find below some of the vital tips that you can employ for avoiding or managing your high blood sugar levels or diabetes during Christmas festivities.


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How Diabetes Can Overcome Guilt

How to avoid guilt while eating during Christmas(Pixabay)
Managing diabetes is never going to b easy, especially during Christmas. All you need to take care is to strictly monitor your eating habits during the festivities.

Simply avoid taking food rich in sugar along with excessive intake of carbs. It will be better if you make a schedule on the big day.

Plan Your Meals

You can easily defeat diabetes by taking a little precaution. The effective way to do this is to plan your meals accordingly.

Don’t consume too much sugary foods. At the same time, don’t try to deprive yourself with any of the those unique delights.

Instead, try to take them in moderation as it will take care of your health at all times.

Keep Moving

Stay active during Christmas celebrations(Pixabay)

After you take your festive meal, try to keep moving and don’t lag behind. And so, you need to encourage yourself during the entire Christmas season.

You can start with a 10 minute walk. You can also try to have a gentle walk at least for 10 minutes to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Reduce Your Carb Intake

This is quite important that you should impose restrictions in your carb intake. At the same time, you don’t have to miss your meals.

Be Active In Your Life

Christmas is a fun filled day where you get a lot of food and even go lethargy. Taking food throughout your day often make you feel lazy.

It’s crucial that you make busy yourself exercising, stretching, and avoiding prolonged sitting). It’s the time to take advantage of your holidays and never forget to move.


Take Christmas Treats In  Moderation


Enjoying Christmas treats can be a fun but not always. During Christmas, having such treats can be harmful if it goes in excess. Be very careful eating such treats to avoid any complication. The trick is to eat in moderation.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

You need to stick your daily or regular schedule of monitoring your blood sugar levels. In case, you have diabetes, then you need to have more precise monitoring of your blood sugar levels.


Tips to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels / Diabetes

Take a look at some additional tips to manage your diabetes or abrupt blood sugar levels by following these valuable tips:

  • Include healthy Carbs– Like whole grains and millets. Avoid processed food and refined sugar foods that can increase your blood sugar levels
  • Include fresh and seasonal veggies– Include veggies like beans, peas, soya, and more in your diet
  • Avoid aerated drinks– Fruit juices like guava, plums, peaches and more can be harmful. And so, avoid them
  • Include Fiber– Include more fiber in your diet by eating whole black grains, pulses and more
  • Follow short meal pattern– Simply avoid heavy meals
  • Avoid excess fats
  • Walking is a key factor to reduce your blood sugar levels
  • Avoid sugar rich pudding and dessert
  • Make tasty sweet dishes with skimmed milk with soaked almonds or walnuts
  • Avoid sugar, jiggery, honey, sugarcane juice, cake, pastry, ice-cream, jam and jelly
  • Avoid foods like banana, grapes and chikoo
  • Eat fish and chicken along with condiments and herbs
  • Include healthy snacks like salads, sprouts, bajra, and roasted gram



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