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Tomato Fever Concerns People Amid Covid spread & Monkeypox

People are already worried about the spread of Covid and Monkeypox. But now, some more news is coming up detecting the cases of tomato fever among children in Kerala.

As per the latest report, tomato fever that mainly affects children under 5 years of age is spreading in some parts of Kerala.

Experts have warned to take necessary precaution before it’s too late. They also state that there is no need to panic for now as it is just an endemic disease which is localized to certain part of the world.

Before we move ahead, you must know what is tomato fever and why you should be concerned.


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What Is Tomato Fever or Flu?

Tomato fever is called by a virus that attacks children under 5 years of age. The condition is called so mainly due to the presence of red colored blisters that appear on the skin. These blisters look like tomatoes.


What are the signs and symptoms of tomato fever?

The best way to avoid any such kind of viral fever is by taking necessary precaution. We have enlisted some precautions that you need to keep in mind to avert any discomfort:

  • Try to maintain social distances in places, especially where you find huge rush. Take care every time you take your kids out, make them aware about the significance of social distancing.
  • Always take care of sanitation and hygiene. For example, make sure your kids to disinfect their hands after using toys and the restroom
  • Inform your children not to share their toys and any other stuff in the presence of a tomato fever outbreak
  • Check with a doctor as soon as possible when you spot any symptoms mentioned above. In such cases, keep them isolated in a separate room

Please note that you need to be vigilant about the spread of the disease and follow all the necessary precautions that are required to be taken.


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