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Top Reasons Why Young Girls In the US Attaining Puberty Too Early

Puberty Age: For last so many decades, young girls in the US are going through a peculiar phase. They are attaining puberty age too early than normal.

Now, what could be the reasons for this? Well, the reasons can be anonymous, but most experts fear that this could bring devastating consequences by impacting their physical and mental health in a negative way.

After analyzing the situation, experts believe that ever growing obesity in kids could be the root cause of this problem which is related to their poor diet pattern.

On the other hand some experts believe that violent childhood is the root cause to bring their early puberty age.

Apart from the reasons given above, there is one more theory circulating which says this could be related to the imbalance of certain hormones.

As per the latest Health News, the average puberty age of girls in the US has fallen from an average of 12 to 10 years in the recent past.

The early puberty age is also linked to so many medical abnormalities that come along during the course of time. For example, the problem is often linked to the incidences of developing cancers. But the reason why this happens is still unknown.


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Why the Puberty In Young Girls Starting Earlier?

A public health expert in the US Marcia Herman-Giddens first reported this. She represents the University of North Carolina. After she came to know about this problem in young women, she decided to gather the data of over 15,000 girls during 1990s.

The results were alarming to her. Marcia found that the average age of puberty was falling steeply. While some girls started attaining the puberty age as early as 10, others attained it at 6 years.

The above findings by Marcia Herman-Giddens later became a new research topic for most scientists. Experts are still undergoing their investigating to find the root cause of such an ugly shift of their puberty.

As of now, research says that young girls reaching puberty age too early might be linked to a variety of factors. And the after effects of this may bring in some more issues.


Source: IANS



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