US COVID-19 Cases & Hospitalizations Continue to Decline

US COVID-19 Cases: As per the latest covid news, the US COVID-19 cases continue to decline that clearly indicates its hold on the country is weakening.

The report published says that the country sees a major decline in the number of cases and hospitalization which is an indicator that its hold is weakening.

On Saturday, the total number of US COVID-19 cases were barely exceeded 1 lakh which is in fact, a sharp downturn from over 8 lakh cases on January 16. The data was provided by the Johns Hopkins University.

The number of such cases in New York went down by more than 50% over the last few weeks.

Currently, the situation seems to be under control. The present situation is that COVID-19 hospitalizations have gone down from a national 7-day average of 146,534 on Jan. 20 to 80,185.

There are many public health experts who have come forward to state that they are hopeful to see the number of such cases to come down in the next few months.

They also stated that it looks like the country is currently shifting its status from being pandemic to endemic.

On the other hand there were many other experts who believed that vaccine uptick in the U.S. is still going below expectation.

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