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US Olympic Bobsled Team Facing COVID-19 Nightmare

US Olympic Bobsled Team Facing COVID-19 Nightmare

Just before the commencement of Winter Olympics 2022, the team USA is having nightmares of COVID-19.

It’s because a lot of members of the United States skeleton and bobsled team have been tested positive for the virus (as reported by Yahoo Sports).


US Olympic Bobsled Team Facing COVID-19 Nightmare

It all happened when Bobsledder Josh Williamson took to his Instagram stories and announced that he has been tested positive for COVID-19 last Sunday.

But the problem is that he is not the only member of the team who has tested positive. There is another athlete along with support staff and coaches who are already tested positive for the virus.

This is what an athlete told Yahoo Sports, “It’s all a nightmare,” he said.

Williamson, in his Instagram story further stated that he will be able to join the team USA in Beijing only after he gets multiple negative tests against the coronavirus. If that happens, he can always pick some later flights to reach to his destination.

The Olympics have officially began on Friday but bobsled training runs won’t commence until Feb 10.

The team USA told Yahoo Sports that everyone likes to reach Beijing. But matters are likely to get complicated if anyone who has been tested positive will require 4 consecutive days to test negative in his PCR tests. They additional require a fifth day buffer before he can depart for Beijing.

In 2018, Team USA had managed to win a silver medal in two-woman bobsled. Elana Meyers Taylor who managed to win silver along with Lauren Gibbs took to her Twitter account to announce that she had made to Beijing and even passed her first COVID-19 test.


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