US Reports First Polio Case In New York Since 2013

It was on Thursday when the New York (NY) health officials reported first Polio case  since 2013.

There are no details offered by the officials  regarding the Rockland County resident to further know if the person was even vaccinated against the disease.

Some officials said it looked as if the person had a vaccine-derived strain of the virus, may be from someone who got live vaccine.

For decades, polio remained a dreaded disease that caused hundreds of lives in the outbreak. The virus was responsible to cause paralysis in most of the affected cases.

But the vaccine against polio made available only in the year 1955. Soon, a nationwide campaign started by the government that resulted in the less number of cases.

However, it was in the year 1979 when polio was declared eliminated in the US after no routine spread of the virus detected in the country.

Even now, the children in the US are given polio vaccine doses at regular interval of time. The health officials recommend doses to be given at the following intervals during the lifetime of an individual.

  • First dose: 2 months
  • Second dose: 4 months
  • Third dose:  6-18 months
  • Fourth dose: 4-6 years

As per the CDC, up to 93% of 2 year old kids had received 3 doses of polio vaccine.

Polio virus is generally spreads through contaminated water. Once it gets inside the body, it attacks the spinal cord which can cause paralysis including permanent disability and even death.

Polio is endemic in the regions like Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are some countries that reported polio cases in the recent past.

It was only last month when the health officials in Britain asked parents to ensure their children had been vaccinated after polio virus detected in London sewage samples.


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