Vaccinated Against COVID? You’re 5 Times More Prone to Get It Again If Unvaccinated

Vaccinated Against COVID: Israeli researchers have reported that if you have recently recovered from COVID-19 and get at least one dose of vaccine, it is going to provide extra protection against the chance of getting reinfection.


The research says that people who are unvaccinated and develop immunity against COVID-19 is not going to last longer. And so, such people are 5 times more likely to get infected with COVID as compared to those who have already got their first shot of vaccine.

Dr. Bruce Farber of Northwell Health in Manhasset, N.Y., who reviewed the findings said, “It’s very good for three months, and may well be good for a lot longer, but it’s not permanent,” he said.

Most researches have to believe that it is quite unfair to think that it will provide permanent immunity.

“That’s not what you see with influenza. That’s not what you see with regular coronaviruses. That’s not what we see with rhinoviruses. People get infected with them over and over again. And I think that will be the case here,” Farber said.


Vaccinated Against COVID? You’re 5 Times More Prone to Get It Again If Unvaccinated

There are many people who think that since they already have COVID-19 antibodies earned naturally, they don’t require any sort of vaccination.

“That’s happening increasingly often now,” Farber said. “What I say to them is: You know, you’re right, there is some immunity from having had COVID, but you can prolong that immunity and reinforce that immunity with a booster.”

Farber continues to predict that currently, the situation is quite alarming and more variants are likely to arise. He also believe that people will require an annual COVID-19 shot.

“We can relax now, but we may need to re-evaluate that if the community rates rise,” Farber added.


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