Vision Problems Lead to Dementia Risk In Older Adults: Study

dementia risk in older adults

In a new study conducted in older adults, it has been found that their untreated vision problems can lead to the dementia risk. The study was conducted in as many as 76,373 participants by systematic review and meta-analysis.

The results of the above study was published in the journal Aging and Mental Health that showed how vision related problems can lead to the risk of dementia.

After the study was published in the above journal, there is a need to undergo further study on the above topic.

It will help measure the impact of sight related issues in older adults. Most adults have to go through some common vision related issues like cataract to mainly prevent cognitive problems and dementia.

Why Dementia Looks So Disturbing?

In the recent years, dementia has become a huge concern in the medical fraternity, especially with the ageing population across the world. Dementia also looks quite terrifying because of its limited treatment options and disturbing symptoms.

In such a scenario, this kind of study which relates to vision problems and dementia will give a boost to our researchers to find a solution of this ailing problem.

The above study has become the first to evaluate the direct relation between sight related issues and cognitive outcomes in older aged people by using a comprehensive approach of all available population-based studies in English.


Fading Eyesight, A Risk Factor for Developing Dementia In Older Adults

In spite of the study conducted in older adults stating a correlation between sight problems and dementia risk, but it is still unclear why it happens.

In such a case, diagnosing and treating poor eyesight is crucial for the better well being of our aged group population. And this will obviously slow down the risk of developing dementia.

Approximately, 1 million people are suffering from the problem of dementia (memory loss) in the UK alone. And if the number is all set to increase in the time to come, it is estimated that the above figure will jump to 1.6 million.

As you can see, the problem of memory loss (dementia) creates a devastating effect on the mind and soul of people’s lives. If this issue goes untreated, there is a chance that it will go unbearable and the person concerned would have to go through a greater memory loss.

This will also tend to change the person’s personality and behavior within no time. And so, this new study focusses on regular eye checkup in older adults. And if any potential vision related problem is detected, they need to be treated right away.