Antibodies Wane Over Tine: US Call for Need to Stop COVID Transmission

As per a top US health official, each wave of Covid reminds that Covid is not over yet

However, individuals claim their achivement of herd immunity after they develop antibodies

Since antibodies wanr over a period of time, experts refer the need to stop covid transmission

A number of tweets were shared in order to make people aware about the growing menace of covid transmission

Eric is quite hopeful that high antibodies in elderly will protect against Covid-19 variants

Some experts also cited examples of countries where Covid-19 has increased or decreased over a period of time

The data says the percentage of people testing positive for Covid-19 decreased in Wales and England

But the cases continue to increase in Scotland and the trend looked uncertain in Northen Ireland

In England, people testing positive for Covid-19 were over 20 lakhs

In Wales, people testing positive for Covid-19 were over 1.5 lakh