Blueberries Known to Prevent Dementia Among Middle Aged People: Study

Blueberries can prove vital in preventing the causes of dementia among middle aged people. This is what a study reveals

The fruit contains micronutrients and antioxidants. It prevents from infection, radiation and dementia (memory loss)

The data says almost 9 lakh people in the UK are currently living with dementia and the numbers are set to rise with time

One in three people in the UK are set to develop the condition within their lifetime unless they are given some better treatment


Scientists conducted an experiment among 33 people with high blood sugar levels. They feed them blueberries for 12 weeks

The participants were aged between 50-65 years and all of them had to go through the problem of memory loss with ageing

All middle aged people were asked to consume blueberries for 12 weeks. Others were given a different powder to consume

Those who consumed blueberries were found to had lower insulin levels which means their metabolism started doing well

The experiment concluded with the fact that regular intake of blueberries lower down the chances of developing dementia