Brad Pitt Suffers from Prosopagnosia Or Face Blindness

Brad Pitt was having a word with GQ Magazine where he said that he at times, struggles to remember new people whom he meets

Due to this, he worries that people surrounding him thinks of him as remote, self-absorbed and inaccessible

What is prosopagnosia? Prosopagnosia is a neurological disorder affecting facial perception among people

Due to this the person loses ability to recognize faces. There are two types of Prosopagnosia, acquired and developmental

As per the National Health Service in the UK, acquired prosopagnosia occurs after a person has met a brain injury

What causes the Problem? Face blindness is caused by impairment or damage in the fusiform gyrus area of the brain

Prosopagnosia doesn’t affect a person’s learning disability, blindness or memory loss. One in 50 people are susceptible to it

Treatment of Prosopagnosia There is no cure for acquired prosopagnosia, patients are retained to use clues to recognize faces

As per NINDS, people suffering from prosopagnosia need to use compensatory strategies to better recognize faces