Dengue Cases On The Rise, Here's What You Should Do

These days, dengue cases have emerged not in Asian region but also elsewhere. It's a major threat after COVID-19 pandemic

The only thing that has become a cause of worry is the increasing number of dengue cases

This time, dengue is emerging at a faster rate unlike every year where it was not exclusively widespread

As per the data collected, the main cause of dengue cases is due to favorable conditions for mosquito breeding

Common dengue infection symptoms include high-grade fever (up to 104 °F), joint aches, headache, chills and more

Preventive Measures of Dengue Remove stagnant water in and around your house as it can be the safe haven for mosquito breeding

Always wear full sleeve clothing. Also wear pants with socks. Close your windows and make your door screens impenetrable

Try to use a mosquito net as you will get 2 layers of protection from mosquito bites

Try using mosquito repellents as they can effectively prevent mosquito bites, especially in tropical locations