Dostarlimab Drug Trial Miraculously Vanishes Cancer In Patients

A team of medical specialists joined for Dostarlimab drug trial. It was done to know its effectiveness in vanishing cancer

The results were encouraging. In all 18 patients who suffered from cancer, it vanished the disease miraculously

Dostarlimab Drug Trial: It all happened when Dostarlimab drug was given to as many as 18 patients for around 6 months

This has happened for the first time when cancer vanished in almost a dozen people after an experimental treatment was conducted

The researchers added a drug Dostarlimab and gave to patients for a clinical trial which acted as substitute antibodies in humans

Report says all 18 patients were given the same drug and the results looked promising as cancer vanished from each of them

Earlier, the cancer was going undetected by conducting physical monitoring like invasive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy

The best and satisfying part in the clinical trial was that after Dostarlimab was given to them, no further treatment was needed

After the treatment of 18 patients using dostarlimab was successful, cancer researchers found it promising for the treatment