Alaska Fighting A Surge In Fentanyl Deaths With Stronger Overdose Kits

Fentanyl Overdose cases have come forth in Alaska and the state has to take extra measures to deal with the current surge in deaths

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate used as pain medication. It’s also employed to be used with some other medications for anesthesia

Due to the overdose of this fentanyl, the state condition has become so deadly that they have changed one of the tools to fight them

It all happened when Naloxone used as an overdose reversing drug in opioid emergency kits that are distributed by the state

These emergency kits are distributed at selected places like Juneau’s homeless shelter and Glory Hall most of the times

The situation was such that the shelter was short on what most people usually call Narcan kits- Narcan to be the brand for naloxone

It happened on Friday when the shipment was full of a new brand named Kloxxado having twice as much naloxone in each dose

The shipment had 50 kits amounting 100 doses of naloxone. And this caused fentanyl overdose and also a surge in causalities.

Vronan who unzipped one kit, “It comes with two, so it’s like four of the old ones which is good as it’s taking more than one"