First Human to Dog Monkeypox Transmission Makes CDC to Change Guidance

After the first human to dog monkeypox transmission case spotted in France, it has made CDC to change its guideline

As per CDC, people who are already infected with the monkeypox virus need to void close contacts with their pets

Scientists have warned that it can spread possibly from humans to other animals. The case was documented by dog owners in France

Both are male partners having non-monogamous relationship and developed infection after sleeping with other male partners

Their 4 year old Italian greyhound developed lesions and later developed the infection after the men slept beside their dog

The above incident has made researchers to pursue a thorough investigation into humans to animal transmission of monkeypox

The CDC has now warned infected people to stay away from their pets to avoid possible transmission of monkeypox virus

WHO has already declared monkeypox a public health emergency with international concern on June 23, 2022 officially

It spreads through body fluids or lesions and spreading in the US and Europe in people have not traveled to endemic areas