COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Pose Risk of Cardiac Related Deaths

Dr Joseph A Ladapo, a General surgeon at Florida recommended not to administer COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

He said not to give such vaccines to males between 19 and 39 years as they pose risk of developing cardiac related deaths

The Florida health department conducted an analysis by undergoing a self controlled series to evaluate safety of such vaccines

The team of specialists studied the mortality rates attached to the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

The study found 84% risk of cardiac related deaths after administering such genetically engineered COVID-19 vaccines

The researchers also found non mRNA COVID-19 vaccines posed no risk of developing cardiac related issues in individuals

Dr Joseph said, “Studying the safety of any type of medication happens to be the prime component of public health”

It’s also being speculated that India is about to launch its first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine very soon

These vaccines are made using genetically engineered mRNA to instruct cells to make S-protein found on COVID-19 virus