How Good Cardiovascular Health Reduces the Risk of Diabetes?

Do you know why India is called the diabetes capital of the world? It’s because it has over 70 million diabetic patients

A new study has found the effectiveness of maintaining a great cardiovascular health in preventing type 2 diabetes in middle aged people

Leaving genetic predisposition aside, a great cardiovascular health reduces risk of developing type-2 diabetes in mid age

What's Type 2 Diabetes? Type-2 diabetes occurs when body doesn't produce insulin or fail to act against already produced insulin

It increases the levels of blood glucose which takes the shape of type 2 diabetes and liver also fails to absorb and produce glucose

In early stages, pancreas (gland) tends to secretes additional insulin to nullify the effect, but the entire process finally fails

Insulin is produced by pancreas and involved in regulating the transporting glucose into body cells to release energy.

Today, there are many evidences to show that simple lifestyle changes can directly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

As per a study, it has been proved that a good cardiovascular health can greatly reduce the chances of developing type-2 diabetes