How to Identify Black Fungus Symptoms?

What Is Black Fungus? Black Fungus ( mucormycosis) infection is rare, it can prove lethal if black fungus symptoms are ignored

Black Fungus Symptoms COVID-19 patients in India met a harrowing time when patients reported to have infected with black fungus

Black fungus infection is rare, but dangerous. In COVID-19 patients mucormycosis infection spread due to certain steroids

Black fungus symptoms include facial pain, nasal blockage, tooth pain, black discoloration, pulmonary problems among others

The symptoms of black fungus depend on specific body part where it’s growing.  Some conditions that trigger infection include

Conditions that trigger black fungus infection include diarrhea, blood in stool, belly pain, sinus infection, black lesions

Other conditions that lead to black fungus infection include swelling on one side of face, nausea and vomiting, fever, chest pain

If you get black fungus infection, your skin gets swollen, red or blistered. With time, it may turn black to make you feel painful

Once you’re infected, it can reach to other body parts through blood stream. It’s also referred to disseminated mucormycosis