How to Prevent Yourself from A Horsefly Bite?

Horseflies are referred to flying insects. The bite of a horsefly can be painful but not serious

You need to stay protected from a horsefly bite as they can bite through a fabric

If you are living in an area where horseflies are found, you can hardly avoid them, especially when you go outdoors in summers

How to identify a horsefly bite? The bite is painful as they never release any sort of anesthetic

They make a cut instead of puncturing the skin

Their mouthparts are developed like a serrated saw

Horseflies use an anticoagulant to stop blood coagulation so that they can consume it

2 identifying elements of a horsefly bite are pain and welts that develop on the skin

Prevention from horsefly bite Always keep your skin covered with a cloth

Wear light colored cloths to prevent from horsefly bite

– You may use insect repellent but they are not helpful against horseflies