Monkeypox In Massachusetts: Officials Educate People About Prevention

Due to the riding number of monkeypox in Massachusetts, health officials have started educating locals about its prevention

Provincetown's leaders hosted a number of virtual and physical sessions to inform people about monkeypox over the last few weeks

It was on Tuesday when Massachusetts Department of Public Health experts visited local residents to educate them

On Thursday, the Massachusetts DPH confirmed 8 new cases of monkeypox within the past week and total number of cases stood 21

As per the data supplied by the CDC, there have been as many as 351 cases of the monkeypox virus this year in U.S. residents.

As per DPH, most of the early cases were found linked with international travel, but the recent cases have no such history

As monkeypox cases are prevalent within LGBTQ community, officials are concerned due to year-round LGBTQ population

Although, early monkeypox symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, a rash may be the first one

Rash lesions later change their shape and fill with clear fluid (vesicles) that may change into pustules (filled with pus)