Naloxone Cost Keeps Many Uninsured Seeking Life-Saving Treatment

A new RAND Corporation study has come out regarding Naloxone (opioid antidote) that keeps most uninsured out of reach

Title 1

There are laws made to make it easier for prescribing naloxone drug, but cost of drug keeps most uninsured out of reach

The overall uninsured population in the US represents almost 20% adults who have an opioid use disorder

Evan Peet studied latest development says, “Naloxone price is an impediment to widespread adoption among the uninsured”

He said, “Policymakers who want to expand access to naloxone need to pay greater attention to the out of-pocket costs.”

The rise in distribution of naloxone made policy makers devise strategies to help reversing the effects of an opioid overdose

Although, many laws now exist to prescribe and get naloxone drug, less attention is given to cease its financial barrier

To prevent opioid overdose causalities, policymakers need to consider subsidies on Naloxone price for the drug purchases

There is a debate going according to which policymakers need to take certain steps slashing the price of Naloxone drug