Primary Skin Lesions: How to Get Rid of Them?

Primary Skin Lesions are the growth or a kind of patch on the skin that looks entirely different as compared to the rest of the skin

In skin lesions, a region of skin grows into an abnormality and takes different shapes and textures of underlying skin

Skin lesions can develop in the form of a mole, rash, blister, cyst, or any other kind of physical discoloration on the skin

Primary skin lesions also form due to a simple cut or scrape. They may also develop in the form of a precancerous mark or mole

How Many types of Skin Lesions Do Exist? There are 2 types of skin lesions: · Primary Skin Lesions · Secondary Skin Lesions

Primary skin lesions are marked by changes either in their texture or color over time. They can also be marked at the time of birth

Primary skin lesions basically include an age spot or a birthmark (at the time of birth)

Primary skin lesions Form There are different types of primary skin lesions exist like Macule, Papule, Nodule, Tumor, Plaque, Vesicle

Primary Skin Lesions Treatment The treatment of a primary skin lesion depends on its type which includes certain medications

The medications like antibiotics, corticosteroids, anti-fungal aids or any other such medication applied topically

In case, if the lesion is carcinogenic, a biopsy is recommended where a small section of the lesion is taken and gets examined