What Are the Causes & Treatment of Puffy Nipples In Men?

Some men experience puffy nipples and the factors lead to this include excess body fat, certain exercises and hormonal imbalances.

Although, puffy nipples don’t indicate medical emergency, they can become uncomfortable at times. But there is nothing to worry

If you are suffering from puffy nipples and looking for remedy, you can try changing your dietary pattern along with exercise.

Even if there is no help after making these changes, you need to go for surgery to make them return in the normal shape.

What Are the Causes of Puffy Nipples? Having excess body fat Lack of doing certain exercises Steroid use Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances Puffy nipples are caused due to hormonal imbalances and once estrogen level becomes normal, they disappear

Steroid Use Anabolic steroids often lead to hormonal imbalances and lead to puffy nipples. In such cases, they should not be used

Certain Exercises Sometimes, a person may develop puffy nipples after doing some exercises like running or jogging for long

Diet Tips to Get Rid of Puffy Nipples Avoid refined carbohydrates Eat fewer processed foods Eat more high fiber foods