Severe COVID-19 May Cause Cognitive Deficits Equivalent to 20 Years of Aging

Recent study shows severe Covid-19 prone to cause deficits in cognitive function along with hospitalization persisting 6-10 months

It found cognitive deficits in severe COVID-19 survivors which was quite similar to the decline in cognitive function

The results were similar to the decline in cognitive function that generally happens in people of 50-70 years of age

The overall and recovery underlines the mechanism and developing some specific treatment strategies in cases of severe Covid-19

Mild Covid-19 cases mainly report lingering cognitive symptoms. But the incidences are found t be higher in severe Covid-19 cases

The recent study suggests severe COVID-19 might be associated with cognitive deficits and may relate a decline of 10 IQ points.

The above study was based on patients with severe Covid-19 which was defined as COVID-19 requiring critical care and hospitalization

It was found that these cognitive deficits persisted for 6 months with a signal of contacting the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The results suggest the importance and need for a support of longer duration in patients recovered from severe Covid-19.