Shreveport Health Centers Offering Monkeypox Vaccines

As monkeypox cases are spreading fast in the entire US, 3 health facilities in Shreveport have started offering vaccines

As per Louisiana Department of Health, 69 people have so far been infected with monkeypox and 2 of them are in Northwest Louisiana

In the current drive to contain monkeypox virus, LSU Health received 18 doses and Caddo Parish received 40 doses of the vaccine

Infected people should get vaccine within 4 days of exposure. Those in the urgent need of vaccine should get it between 4-14 days

As per an update, LSU Health administered at least 2 vaccine shots on Thursday at the old Chevyland parking lot

Transgender, bisexual and gay assigned male at birth who have sex with men are amongst the highest risk for monkeypox infections

Dr. Martha Whyte who represents Louisiana Department of Health Region 7’s Medical Director says anyone can get monkeypox

She said Kissing; cuddling; sharing foods; sharing utensils can lead to the disease. People need to well informed to be safe

As of now, 6,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported in the US in the last 2 months which is looking dangerous