Star Fruit Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects

What's Star Fruit? Star fruit is a delicious fruit, also known as carambola. It’s called so due to having the shape of a five-point star.

The skin and flesh of this fruit is edible giving mild sour flavor. Due to these properties, it’s used in a number of dishes

The fruit is yellow or green in color and comes in the form of a smaller, sour, larger and a sweeter one with loads of calories.

Star Fruit Benefits Digestion Heart Health Respiration Immunity Weight loss Anti inflammatory properties Anticancer Properties

Star Fruit Nutrition Facts It has loads of nutritional benefits like Fiber: 3 grams Protein: 1 gram Vitamin C: 52% of the RDI1

Some other nutritional facts of star fruit include: Vitamin B5 Foliate Copper Potassium Magnesium These make it a highly nutritious fruit

It’s loaded with healthy plant compounds like epicatechin, Gallic acid and quercetin reducing the risk of fatty liver and cholesterol

Safety & Side Effects It may sometimes cause adverse effects in some people due to the presence of high amounts of oxalate content.

Experts recommend those with kidney problems should avoid eating this fruit. They need to consult a doctor before eating it in any form.

You can eat star fruit in a variety of ways like chutney, jelly or jam. You can also consume it in raw form and make puddings or pies.