Sagging Breasts It's natural when your breasts start sagging. It mainly happens due to unusual weight gain, ageing and lack of exercise

Top Exercises to Lift Your Breasts If you want to lift your breasts in a natural way, follow some effective exercises given

Chest Press Chest press is recommended to build abdominal muscles. It targets chest, triceps and shoulder muscles to make your breasts firm

Cobra Pose Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is recommended to strengthen your abdominal muscles. It supports chest and firms your breasts

Bow Pose Bow pose or Dhanurasana has the capacity to bring your breasts back in shape. It also helps to eliminate backaches.

Dumbbell Bench Press In addition to your triceps, biceps, and shoulders, dumbbell bench press helps your sagging breasts and firms them.

Traveling Plank Traveling Plank helps your sagging breasts in shape by targeting abdominal muscles. It also strengthens shoulder and triceps

Wall Push-Ups Wall push-ups is recommended to strengthen your chest muscles and helps to perk-up your breasts in a natural way.

Bent Over Lateral Raise Bent over lateral raise strengthens your biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. It also targets your chest muscles.