Treadmill Exercise Improves Symptoms of the Parkinson’s Disease

In the experiment scientists made mice run on a treadmill in 30-minute intervals for six days a week, over the course of two months

The study further revealed that constant running on a treadmill produces fenofibrate activated PPARα within the brain

The team continued to study Parkinson’s disease symptoms mainly to provide options to those suffering from the disease

It’s mainly because the current treatment of Parkinson’s Disease is associated with a number of side effects

They said by understanding how it helps, it will be easier to make treadmill-associated drugs that can inhibit α-synuclein

It was learnt that Fenofibrate drug mimicked the effects of a treadmill workout in the brain, used to lower down high cholesterol

They predicted fenofibrate can prove a great option in the treatment of these devastating neurological disorders

Fenofibrate lowers down the triglyceride level in patients. It can bring a new hope in treating neurological disorders

The research team now hopes that the new findings may help them improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms in a great way