WHO Recommends China to Monitor Excess Covid-19 Mortality

WHO (World Health Organization) on Monday stated China should monitor excess mortality rate from Covid-19

WHO said it would help to get a full picture of the impact of Covid surge in the country

It happened after China said about 60,000 people died after it abandoned zero covid policy in the country last month

This is how China faced criticism in hiding data related to Covid deths in the country

WHO suggested China should monitor excess mortality rates to provide them a better picture of the impact

WHO said, "This is especially important during periods of surges when the health system is severly constrained"

The organization further said no fixed time is there for another meeting with China officials

In the weekend, WHO director general had a meeting with China's national health commission

Lawrence Gostin, a professor in the Washington, D.C. said China on revealing more data was down to 'WHO prodding"

He said to get more accurate data will be refreshing to analyze the overall situation in China

He also said it's more important to get full genetic sequence data of circulating virus in China