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World Lung Cancer Day: High Risk Associated In Non Smokers

World Lung Cancer Day is observed each year on August 1. This year too, the day is being celebrated with a lot of cause and attention. The day is observed where experts discuss about the rising cases of lung cancer among non-smokers.

In that relation, there is a need to further discuss about various parameters that lead non smokers to get the disease. As the number of cases are rising, it has become a major health concern in the country.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), lung cancer is quite prevalent in the society and more people are slowly coming in the range of such a dreaded disease.

Those who don’t know, lung cancer happens to be a malignant tumor in the lung tissues. Please know that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. People who get the disease have symptoms like recurrent respiratory issues.

World Lung Cancer Day Observed With Rise in Lung Cancer Cases In India

Do you know that lung cancer is the main cause of male cancer-related deaths that are prevalent worldwide? Well, with such an upward trend in the data most experts are expressing fears that the numbers can rise further.

Dr Nitin Yashas, Consultant – Medical Oncology and Hemato-Oncology, Manipal Hospital Sarjapur asserted that there is a steep rise in the lung cancer cases among non-smokers.

As smoking is the leading factor associated with this dreaded disease, some other factors like increasing pollution (indoor and outdoor) along with an exposure to smoke has become leading factors to trigger the disease.

As more cases of lung cancer become prevalent, there is an urgent need to handle such a menace. In that relation, Dr Nitin Yashas stated that immunotherapy has become the leading line of treatment in such cases.

In immunotherapy, a person’s immune system is activated to fight tumor cells. This treatment is given in combination to chemotherapy which has resulted in the long time survival for patients.

If you look in India, lung cancer happens to be the most common cause of cancer related death in India. The main reason for that is that it gets diagnosed late.


What Are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?

Please know that lung cancer is detected in various stages as per its development. The common symptoms include simple cough, allergy, etc. Please also do note that more than 70% cases of lung cancer are observed in smokers.

This is what Dr Sandeep Nayak explains, “We know that smokers are the most vulnerable for lung cancer and we also know that a screening CT scan of lung done every once in a year for heavy smokers can pick up lung cancers early enough to prevent death due to lung cancer.” This was a result of a recent research study. The screening CT scan is a low dose scan and can pick lung cancer very early saving many lives, he adds.



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