World Sickle Cell Day 2022: Spread the Awareness

World Sickle Cell Day 2022

World Sickle Cell Day 2022 is being celebrated globally today. The days falls each year on June 19.

It was launched to spread global awareness of the dreaded sickle cell disease along with arranging resources towards managing this disease.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is also known as Sickle cell anemia which is basically an inherited blood disorder and is characterized by sickle shaped red blood cells (RBC).

These sickle shaped cells have a habit of clumping together which leads to impeding the normal supply of oxygen and blood to the body.

Some of the common symptoms of this disease include organ damage to spleen, kidney, heart, lungs and liver. Other symptoms include anemia, infection, and pain.


What’s Sickle Cell Anemia?

Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) is basically a genetic disorder which is normally caused due to some abnormal inherited hemoglobin. It’s also the most commonly found sickle cell disease.

In order to increase awareness, the world sickle day is observed each year on June 19. The same is also observed for people to understand this medical ailment and suffering faced by the affected people.

As per the data collected in this regard, as many as 3 to 4 lakh babies are annually affected globally with this disease. The treatment, so far revolves around the management and prevention of this disorder.

World Sickle Cell Day 2022: Spread the Awareness

It’s an international day observed as a special resolution on United Nations General Assembly on 22nd December 2008.

The aim was to mainly recognize sickle cell disease as a public health menace along with being the world’s most dreaded genetic disorders.

The year 2022 sees the national awareness campaign in the form of “Shine the Light”. The international day specifically signifies national wise gathering to precisely find a cure for disease.

In order to find a solution for this dreaded medical anomaly, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) even launched a specified program Sickle Cell Data Collection (SCDC) program in California to help all the affected people globally.


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