Brad Pitt Suffers from Prosopagnosia, Also Known As Face Blindness

Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt is a well known face in Hollywood who is suffering from a condition called Prosopagnosia. It’s a kind of face blindness. Although, the actor has never officially disclosed it, this is what he believes to be suffering from.

Brad Pitt was having a word with GQ Magazine where he said that he at times, struggles to remember new people whom he meets. Due to this, he worries that people surrounding him thinks of him as remote, self-absorbed and inaccessible.

When Ottessa Moshfegh, the author of the magazine told him that her husband believes him to have the same condition, this is what Brad said, “Nobody believes me! I wanna meet another.”

Well, this is not the first time he has issues with this problem. Brad has struggled with the same condition in the year 2013 as well. At that time, he admitted that a lot of people hate him because of the problem.


Who Can Be Diagnosed With Prosopagnosia?

Prosopagnosia is a condition where a person fails to recognize just after meeting him. It’s a medical condition and can happen to anybody.

Brad pitt says that he has this problem of forgetting people whom he meets. It’s also called face blindness.

Even though, the actor is said to have this condition since 2013, he never announced it officially. Brad told Esquire that due to this problem people think that he’s being “conceited” and “egotistical” as he doesn’t remember them.

This is what the 58 year old actor said, “But it’s a mystery to me, man. I can’t grasp a face and yet I come from such a design/aesthetic point of view,” he said.

In response to the above problem, Brad Pitt said that he will soon test for the condition. Take a look at what Prosopagnosia is all about.

What is prosopagnosia?

Prosopagnosia is basically a neurological disorder affecting facial perception among people. Due to this the person loses the ability to recognize familiar faces. There are two types of Prosopagnosia, acquired and developmental.

As per the National Health Service in the UK, acquired prosopagnosia occurs after a person has met a brain injury.

Developmental prosopagnosia without any type of brain injury. It may be related to family history.

What causes the Problem?

As per the data provided by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, face blindness is known to be caused by some impairment or damage in the fusiform gyrus area of the brain. This region of brain plays a key role in recognizing face or object.

prosopagnosia doesn’t caused by conditions like learning disability, blindness or memory loss. However, the condition can be found more common in those with autism compared to the general population.

Studies have shown that 1 in 50 people are susceptible to some form of prosopagnosia.


How the Condition Is Diagnosed?

The most crucial symptom that Brad Pitt has is the ability to recognize someone. When he goes to test the condition, he will be tested to recognize faces. In most cases, take a look at the symptoms:

The symptoms are largely based on the prosopagnosia type a person is suffering from

  • Inability to recognize your own face (severe)
  • Inability to recognize the faces of loved ones (severe)
  • Struggling to identify a person in a different setting
  • Inability to recognize or differentiate between faces of people


Is There Any Treatment for Prosopagnosia?

Although, there is no cure for this condition, those having acquired prosopagnosia are generally retained to use some other clues to correctly recognize faces.

As per NINDS, people suffering from prosopagnosia need to use compensatory strategies to better recognize faces they come across in their daily lives.


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