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COVID-19 Immunity: Avoid These Foods to Boost Your Immunity Amid Covid-19

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In COVID-19 pandemic times, you need to take care of what you eat. It’s because the food you intake largely decides the immunity of your body.

With the number of Covid-19 cases on the surge, there is a need to think if the food you intake is worth enhancing your immunity.

But how will you decide which food to eat during pandemic time? Well, there are plenty of food items available to select that are equally healthy at times.

But what about foods that are not beneficial to your body in anyway? We often forget to exclude foods items that are not of any importance to our body. This is the time to monitor what you eat and exclude any such food item from your diet.

Take a look at some food items that are known to weaken your immune system.


COVID-19 Immunity: Avoid These Foods to Boost Your Immunity Levels


Salty Foods

At this time of pandemic, you really need to avoid salty food items. They can be fast foods items, frozen foods, chips and more. Such type of foods are not recommended as they tend to make your immunity low.

These foods are also known to increase the risk of various immune related diseases and trigger tissue inflammation. Also, too much salt intake should be avoided as it slowly hamper your body’s immune response.


Fried Foods

In order to stay healthy, energetic and with a sound immune system, you need to avoid fried foods. It’s because they can also lead to various diseases and weaken your immune system.

These foods simply promote inflammation in your cells and are also known to deplete the antioxidant mechanism of your body.

As most fried foods are required to be cooked at higher temperatures, they end up forming some advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that can even damage your cellular function.



Candies are not recommended to be consumed as they are not only bad for your gums but also impact your immunity.

These foods contain high amount of sugar which in turn inhibit your immune mechanism to fight against foreign invaders like bacteria and other germs.


Soda or Aerated Drinks

When you want to stay healthy, you need to avoid taking any type of sugary drinks. Please note that soda and other aerated drinks are the ones that tend to weaken your immune system in a great way.

As per experts, carbonated drinks have the presence of Phosphorus which has the capacity to deplete calcium level from your body. Calcium is quite essential to activate your immune cells. In simpler words, low calcium means lower immunity.


Alcohol can be in the form of beer and wine. It’s known to react with your body’s normal functioning. Now, if taken in excess, alcohol can drastically increase your blood sugar, insulin and stress hormone which can harm your body.

Also, alcohol won’t allow your body to work properly and you will have an increased chances of infection, especially in those with chronic alcoholism.

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