Covid-19 Testing In Canada to Relax to Ease Travel from India

covid-19 testing in canada

Covid-19 Testing In Canada: As per the latest development, Covid-19 testing in Canada is likely to relax in the coming days. This is being done by the Canadian government to ease travel from India.

As per a report, Canada has made changes in its rules according to which all Indian passengers will be allowed to go for their RT-PCR testing at any laboratories recognized by the ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research).

Take a look at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada where the Canadian government is going to relax its rule and allowing Indian air passengers to have their RT-PCR testing from any ICMR recognized lab in India.

covid-19 testing in canada


This will obviously help travelling easier between India and Canada. It will happen as soon as the Canadian government relaxes restrictions. Earlier, the Covid-19 testing was made quite tough that had impacted the travel possibilities between the two countries.


Covid-19 Testing In Canada to Relax to Ease Travel from India

In India, the travel advisory has made a limit to the COVID-19 testing. According to norms, India allows pre-departure testing to a single lab of the company named Genestrings located at Delhi airport.

Due to this travelers who want to board a flight to Canada have to produce a negative test result before they are allowed to travel to the country.

This actually made the overall process quite cumbersome, especially to those who are frequent travelers between India and Canada.

There is yet another requirement according to which a relaxation is expected for travelers from India who are going to be tested at a third country if they are about to pick a connecting flight so as to come to Canada.

This is what the present norm reads, “Passengers who travel from India to Canada via an indirect route still need to provide a pre-departure negative Covid-19 molecular test result from a third country before continuing their journey to Canada.”

Now, a test conducted anywhere in India is likely to be accepted for a passenger’s onward journey to Canada from a 3rd country. It will happen once the announcement in this regard is made. As per the sources, the required announcement could come in this week only.

Canada still has a place in the form of a warning according to which any non essential abroad travel in lieu of the concerns of the Omicron variant of coronavirus.

It all happened in the month of September when Covid-19 Testing norms concerning to India were lifted by Canadian government regarding the direct flights between the two counties.

The above was actually imposed in April 2021 amid viable concerns over the Delta wave of coronavirus variant in India.


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