Crucial Things to Know About the Coital Alignment Technique

Coital Alignment Technique
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Coital Alignment Technique: The article revolves around the best sex position that you need to adopt for maximum benefit.


What Is Coital Alignment Technique

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) that basically focuses on clitoral stimulation.

You can also say the above technique happens to be a twist on the usual classic missionary position which was originally termed by a renowned sex researcher and psychotherapist named Edward Eichel.

He created the above technique for those who face issues to reach to their orgasms through vaginal penetration alone.

The technique called CAT basically uses both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation to slowly reach to the level of achieving orgasm.


How Coital Alignment Technique Different?

The technique (CAT) mainly focuses on rubbing and vertical movement instead of relying on in-and-out thrusting procedures.

Doing this mainly shifts the focus of your partner from vaginal penetration to clitoral stimulation. At most times, it is done with clitoral grinding against the wall of a toy or penis.


Why It’s Also Called ‘Grinding the Corn’?

Well, you may find it strange using the term ‘grinding the corn’, it’s called so as it has some basis.

In cases of coital alignment, both partners grind or rub each other’s bodies to simply create friction against the vulva.

This way, you are going to create certain amount of pressure on the clitoris.

It will certainly bring one or both vulva having partners to reach to the level of orgasm.


Who can Practice it?

As coital alignment technique involves both penetration and clitoral stimulation, it’s often called a technique meant for penile-vaginal intercourse.

Please note that you can always practice coital alignment and can even heighten by using a dildo for penetration between two partners with vaginas.


Does the Technique Benefits People With Certain Conditions?

The position can prove beneficial for anyone who goes through any kind of sexual dysfunction.

This technique specializes to help those who face issues to get orgasm during sexual intercourse.

The above technique can also prove beneficial to curb premature ejaculation.

It’s mainly because unlike other positions, coital alignment is not specifically known for penetration alone.


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How to Do It?

In order to achieve this task, one partner needs to lie on their back and tries to extend their legs straight out which are slightly parted.

After that the other partner will slide on the top or between their partner’s legs.

In order to undergo coital alignment technique properly, the partner on top should ride high. Also, the chest of the top partner should align with the shoulders of the bottom partner.

It will tend to reduce the amount of space between the genitals to create friction.


What to Do Once You’ve Mastered the CAT?

After you have mastered the art of CAT, you can try out some other positions that are mainly focused on clitoral stimulation. Some of the favorites include:

Sitting on Pillow Top: In this technique, simply place a pillow underneath your pelvic region. At this time ask your partner to stimulate you from behind. Now, rock your vulva against the pillow. You may also want to grind for some more stimulation.

Reclining Chiller: You need to put your heels together. Now, get your partner to use his penis to trace counterclockwise circles around your vulva. In the final stages, try to wrap your legs around your partner. Finally, rock your pelvis up and down for added stimulation.

Reverse Cow: In this technique, you can stimulate your own clitoris. Likewise, your partner can always reach his hand around and further add to the stimulation.


The Bottom Line

Before you master The Coital Alignment Technique, it needs some practice. Always try to learn something new to be in the race.



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