Dengue Cases In West Bengal Record A High Surge

Dengue Cases In West Bengal

After many parts in India, Dengue cases in West Bengal record a high surge. The figures that have come out look horrifying as over 7,000 infections have been reported in the last week alone.

The data further shows that vector borne infections are growing up to 1,000 cases in a week.

On Saturday, as many as 990 cases were reported on Saturday. If you look the figures of the entire week, the number of cases piled up to 6,680 which is quite alarming in the state.

This is what a health official has to say, “The situation is alarming. More than 3,000 people have been admitted to government hospitals in the last one week. Deaths are increasing as many of them are critical,” he said.


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Dengue cases in West Bengal: 7,000 Infections Recorded In Last One Week

The last 72 hours looked quite dangerous as the West Bengal state recorded 3 causalities. One was recorded from Bidhannagar and the other one from Kolkata.

The deceased have also been identified. As per the official data, Sukanya Majumder (26) and Sayan Ghosh Chowdhury (25) were both from Kolkata, and Rahul Saha (22) of Bidhannagar who were reported to have lost their lives.

Commenting on the official figures, doctors say that the disease is targeting young people this year and those who have got infected for a second time are on a serious risk.

One case was reported from the family of Sukanya who stated that it was in 2016 when she first contacted the infection due to dengue.

Now, doctors have to say that if a person has been infected with dengue before, he may develop immunity against the disease. But this immunity won’t be beneficial if he gets the infection for a second time.

This can happen if the person has exposed to a different strain. Instead, it has the danger of getting “hyper-immune reaction”.

Looking at the steep rise of the dengue cases in West Bengal, health authorities in the state are vigilant and testing is being carried out in all vulnerable areas.


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