Goa Achieves 100% COVID-19 Vaccination Target, Closes All Centers

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The good news for Goa is that the state has by now administered both the COVID-19 vaccination for its entire population.


Today, the state has achieved a milestone of administering both anti-Covid vaccines to its entire population. Right now, Goa has a population of 11.66 lakh, as per an health expert to to a leading news agency.

Since Goa has administered both COVID-19 vaccines to its citizens, the Directorate of Health Services stated that this will shut all the existing COVID-19 vaccination centers. It will be clubbed or merged into the normal immunization program center.

Dr Ira Almeida, who’s the director of Health Services, Goa has to say, “The state has registered 100 per cent vaccination of the second dose of anti-coronavirus vaccines. As the process has completed, the COVID-19 vaccination centers in the state will be shut and the exercise will be integrated into the normal immunization program,” she said.

COVID-19 Vaccination to Continue

Dr. Almeida maintained that Goa will continue its vaccination program. But the new vaccination will not involve the older vaccination centres. Instead, it will involve the new immunization programs of the government.

Dr Rajendra Borkar who’s the state immunization officer stated that the vaccination programme for Goa continued for over a period of 13 months. With the above vaccination drive, close to 11.66 lakh eligible people have been successfully inoculated.

He further clarified that it will never mean that 100% vaccination will stop the program which was already in force.

“But 100 per cent vaccination does not mean that people will stop coming to get anti-coronavirus vaccine doses as there could be some who were earlier out of the state and would get the jabs on return,” he said.

As per reports, India’s cumulative COVID-19 vaccination drive has gone past over 174 crore. And the above feat was achieved through administering 1,95,98,966 sessions.

At the moment India’s recovery rate stands stands at 97.94%. In the past 24 hours, as many as 82,988 people have been recovered. The cumulative tally of the number of recovered people since the start of pandemic stands at at 4,18,43,446.


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