How Food Allergies Can Be Reversed by Targeting the Microbiome

Food allergies

As per a new research, scientists have claimed to have found that a bacterial compound butyrate can help alleviating (peanut) food allergies by releasing their “polymeric micelles” in the gut.

The above treatment (if proves effective in humans) can bring a hope to fight a number of allergies and inflammatory ailments.

After the above research, it will be represented at the fall meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). It’s type of hybrid meeting to be hels virtually which is expected to feature up to 11,000 presentations on a wide range of science related topics.

Please note that this new approach has been found to be effective to treat peanut allergies in mice. However, it can also be used to suppress immune activation locally.

As you know, there are various bacteria found in the gut and constantly produce metabolites (butyrate) which are found to encourage the growth of good bacteria and keep maintain the lining of the gut.

Inn case, if a person’s microbiome rwmains unhealthy and is simply lacking the good butyrate-producing bacteria, there are chances that some parts of partially digested food leak out of the gut and produce an immune reaction resulting in various types of food allergies.

How Peanut Allergies Linked With the Study

In order to treat food allergies like peanut allergies, there is a need to provide missing bugs to them orally. This is why the researchers decided to deliver the metabolites in the form of butyrate.

Although, the research has been conducted at a microscopic level, there is much more to be done in this regard. For example, if the study gives good results in large animals, it will be beneficial to the masses.

At present, the research team is currently investigating administration via injection using which micelles and their butyrate tend to accumulate lymph nodes (a part of the immune system).

Such injection might prove beneficial in the future who have gone through organ transplant or have gone through inflammatory or autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis.


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